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Your One Stop station for barcode, smart card, magnetic card, loyalty card, royalty card, student card, employee card, door access system, time recorder system in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, penang, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and other state in Malaysia and also to Singapore.



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Intermec PB50 Portable Printer

The PB50 four-inch mobile label printer is the perfect complement to Intermec’s mobile computers, scanners and media to put your mobile workers in the warehouse fast lane. With the convenience of printing labels, tags and receipts where and when you need to through Bluetooth® and WLAN connectivity, the PB50 increases productivity for warehouse operations, or wherever you need a combination of wireless communication, ultra-fast print speeds and well-managed battery life in a rugged, wearable design.

Get it now at only RM3800.00/pc

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Intermec PD41 Commercial Printer

The EasyCoder PD41 is a dependable and versatile printer suitable for medium and medium large commercial application in manufacturing and warehousing environments. Printing quantity up to maximum 86000pcs 6 inch label a day with none stops operation. Maximized your investment with Intermec with no doubt.

Think no more, call us now to get PD41 by today.

Get it now at only RM3950.00/pc

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Barcode Printer

ARGOX barcode printer










Zebra barcode printer




Intermec Barcode and portable printer






Barcode Scanner








D100 Gryphon Old Model Number

D130 Gryphon New Model Number



D130 Heron G



Magellan 1000i





MS9535 or MK9535

MS9590GS Voyager GS

MS9524 or MS9544

MS7820 Solaris






LS4278 wireless scanner


LS9208 symbol scanner







Barcode Terminal


PT 10 PT 12 PT 18



Datalogic Skorpio

Datalogic Memor



Optimus SP5500

Optimus PDA







Barcode Software




POS Peripheral

Cash Drawer

TM-U220 Epson receipt printer

TM-T88 Epson receipt printer

Customer Display

Programmable Keyboard


Card Printer




YMCKO ribbon

Evoils cleaning Kit




Card Reader





Door Access System



EM Lock


Time Recorder System



























The brand we sell

Metrologic About Us









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Hundure company info



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Motorola Symbol MC50

Running at Pocket PC 2003, it delivers you best inventory accuracy by using barcode technology. Various applications in Malaysia had proven it durability and efficiency.

MC5040-PK0DBNEA7WR symbol PDA with 64/64 memory with PIM key with 2D imager fit with 2 different type of battery, 1560 and 3600 mA.

Connecting to standard 802.11 WLAN allow online application.

MC50 PDA with Pocket PC 2003

Get it now at only RM4480.00

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12 months printer warranty within Malaysia.
12 months (unlimited pssses) printhead warranty.

Counter for remaining print image .
Windows drivers for 95/98, NT, 2000, ME .

Free card Five designing from USA
Free delivery to whole Malaysia.

P310i Picture


Get it now at only RM8200.00

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Symbol MC70

The world most powerful Industrial Mobile computer now is selling in town. Get one of this in order to improve your warehouse management as well as dairy business operation. MC7090 the most common model the family come with WiFi and Bluetooth allow instant online inventory.  

Price start from RM7200.00

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Symbol LS7708

The Symbol LS7708 horizontal presentation scanner provides quick, accurate scanning with minimum effort and maximum productivity. Especially for all the retailer in Malaysia. Don’t let your client trap in long queue and give up the purchase.

Get it now at only RM2200.00


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Metrologic’s MS9590 VoyagerGS

Barcode scanner with flexible stand and unbeatable performance. Metrologic’s MS9590 VoyagerGS ™ is the newest addition to the Voyager® series of hand-held laser scanners.  The MS9590 is the first Voyager product to feature trigger scanning in a new ergonomic form factor that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue. Call us to buy it now.

At RM650/pc including delivery to your door step within Malaysia.




metrologic MS7820 Solaris™

New born baby from metrologic, MS7820 Solaris™ vertical mini-slot scanner increases productivity with an unmatched feature set that aggressively scans high-density codes and fits easily into any existing enclosure found in small item, high-volume retail environments.


Gets it now at only RM 1750/pc including delivery to your door step within Malaysia. 100% plug and play with complete 12months factory warranty.  Call Joseph Pang for more info……


RM1750/pc including delivery           


eVolis Tattoo 2

The ideal solution for printing plastic cards on a small scale and for mobile applications

In a few seconds, Tattoo personalizes in monochrome or colour your pre-printed or blank plastic cards. With a 300 dpi standard resolution and ‘near-to-edge’ printing, Tattoo prints pictures, texts, barcodes and logos as required.

Get it now at only RM6565/Starter Kit to start printing now.


Tattoo 2 specification.


Datalogic Memor

Mobile computer


Product Name

  Memor Pocket-Sized Mobile Computer



- Ergonomic, compact and robust

- Microsoft Windows CE 5.0

- Intel PXA Microprocessor

- Wireless communication option (IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth®, IEEE 802.11 b/g)

- Laser or CCD bar code reader

- Sharp and bright QVGA color graphic display with touch screen

- User-accessible SD memory slot

- Lightweight (210 g)

- 1.2 m drop resistance

- IP54 protection class

Buy memor basic now at RM3878


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Argox AS8110 USB

barcode scanner near range imager with unbeatable price over performance ratio. Withstand up to 1.5m drop and 100scan/sec is your perfect scanner in retail, industrial, ware house, stock control system. Flexible driver allow integration with most of the POS software in the market. Including USB, MYOB, acesoftware, library system, micros system, softEAC, quickbook, and any point of sales system.





Barcode printer problem

Label printed with white line.

LED blink but no label printed.

Motor turning but label did not printed.

Label can not feed

Ribbon cut off

Extremely loud sound

Barcode scanner has beep sound but no data appear.

Barcode scanner can not scan.


Call us and bring your Argox device to us.

Symbol LS2208 - Best Value!

Powerful Features Help You Get Started Fast and Reduce Costs

From the checkout line to the back room, the LS2208 helps you make the most of your application-specific solution in a variety of environments including retail (Point of sale, in store inventory tracking), health care (Pharmacy, inventory control), and education (Book checkout, inventory and asset tracking). In any industry, the high-value LS2208 hand-held scanner offers superior performance, excellent reliability and user-friendly ergonomics to create a more productive mobile environment.

Get it now at RM590/pcs including delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.   More info…………

HHP IT3800

gives you laser scanner performance with durability and cost savings!

The IT3800 is the most popular wedge barcode scanner we sell...and for good reason. A linear imager with the performance of a laser, the HHP IT3800 has no moving parts. When reliability and durability matter, look no further than the Hand Held Products IT3800. The IT3800 is built to withstand years of drops, vibration, extreme temperatures, and other general abuse common to all data capture applications. The durability of the HHP IT3800 is legendary.

The IT3800 has a sharp aiming line and extended decoding distance, and provides excellent performance in any lighting conditions. The IT3800 connect to all popular personal computers, point-of-sale systems and data terminals.

Get it now from GetFeet at only RM680/pc including delivery within Malaysia.


Pebble Generation 4 card printer

Pebble4 the upgrades version of pebble 3, today, is the ideal solution for any type of application that requires single-sided printing of badges: employee badges, student IDs, access control badges, transport passes, loyalty cards, payment cards and many more, now landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Dualys3 comes with a detachable 100-card feeder. Yet, you can also use it as a compact badge or card counter, thanks to a manual feed option that prints your badges one by one. Auto flipping smartcard printer now sell popular in Malaysia market. Thanks to evolis.


The Gryphon Desk handheld barcode scanner family of products builds on linear and full imaging technologies. There are models for reading 1D bar codes, 1D and PDF417 and GS1 Databar, all 1D, PDF417/GS1 Databar and 2D bar codes. Additionally, an ESD version is designed to meet the need for clean room/light industrial environments. Plug and play with enhanced multi-standard architecture, and is ergonomic and user-friendly for intuitive operation. Its modular design is open to upgrades.  Getfeet try to distribute and promote this barcode scanner in Malaysia.

Offer at price RM750.00

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AS8150USB argox barcode scanner now offer the long CCD scanning. Scanning on code39 at 4 mil from 3inch to 9 inch distant.  We offer it at very attractive price for export to NEGARA Brunei Darussalam. Special price offer to this country only. Call our dealer at below number.

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Grap it now at RM420.00

X-2000+ barcode printer deliver you satisfaction in heavy printing environment. Running up to 6 inch per second speed allow it to be selected as one of the best printer in industrial area. Build up by metal casing with transparent windows allow label quality to be seen easily. More info…………..


Getfeet offer you different type of barcode mobile computer. Datalogic skorpio, metrologic optimus PDA, argox PT10 PT12 PT18. Ranging from economic to affordable to performance series portable data terminal. Software integration with your exiting warehouse management system, production, stock control, inventory control. Different type of connection to be select include RS232, IrDA, Infra Red, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 802.11 Wireless.


Symbol DS6708 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

The handheld DS6708 combines a 1D and 2D bar code scanner, maximizing employee productivity and streamlining business processes in the retail store, post office, pharmacy or manufacturing floor. The DS6708 reduces capital and operating expenses by eliminating the need to purchase separate devices to read different bar code symbologies. Remote scanner management capability further reduces the total cost of ownership, while multiple interface options makes for easy installation anywhere.

Get it now at only RM1500.00/pcs       click for info




Accelerate throughput with the Symbol LS4208 handheld laser scanner. Productivity-enhancing features include continuous one-pass scanning, innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, a wide working range and superior motion tolerance. Rapidly scan all one-dimensional (1D) bar codes as well as PDF417, microPDF and composite symbologies (PR configuration). Multiple on-board interfaces and universal cables allow use with different host systems.


Symbol LS4208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner at RM1050.00 (Basic Kit)

S4M zebra printer

Zebra’s S4M printer proudly wears the Stripe series name. Offering ease of use, a metal construction, and a variety of connectivity options into a thermal printer that takes a full 8” roll of Zebra labels for fewer media changes. Designed for the budget–minded, the S4M has the features needed to support many applications at an affordable price. With easy controls and proven side-loading design, it’s quick to learn, use, and load, so operators can focus on more productive tasks. The printer offers standard serial, parallel and USB connectivity, as well as optional internal 10/100 Ethernet and IEEE 802.11b/g wireless networking for simple integration and remote monitoring, plus it can be ordered with different printer programming languages. Compared to similar printers on the market, the S4M thermal printer is an outstanding value.

Basic unit start from RM3888.00/pcs

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What is barcode, why required barcode?

Barcode or someone write it as “Bar Code” is machine or computer readable character. Barcode normally will be printed with dark color on bright surface to create reflection effect in order to be converted to 1 and 0 for computer. 1D barcode which invented initially with line and space to form alphanumeric character. Due to the demand of storing more data in smaller space, 2D barcode invented to handle the demand. With the invented of barcode, reading of data by computer now become faster compare with last time and the accuracy for data entry is improving. In South East Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other country, implementing of barcoding system in the production line, retail line, transportation, warehousing and so on have been widely encourage by government and private sector. As a solution provider in barcode technologies, getfeet is trying to provide the best solution for it clients.


1D code 128

2D QR code

2D pdf 417


POS Solution

Getfeet provides to you various type of Point of Sales POS hardware device. Include Cash drawer, customer display, programmable keyboard, magnetic card reader, thermal and dot matrix receipt printer and so on. We distribute brand like Samsung SRP275, SRP350, Epson TM88, TM220, beiyang BTP 2002 and other. Visit our products list for more info. 



Loyalty and Royalty Program, reward program, bonus point program with loyalty or royalty card.

Getfeet mission is to provide you the complete solution for loyalty and royalty program solution in Malaysia and Singapore. Point collection, discount card, VIP card, Privilege Card, gold card, silver card, platinum card and so on. With personalized, without personalized. Card with magnetic stripe, with barcode, with contact chip, with contactless card, touch and go card is commonly selected by most of the retailer. Getfeet provide you with card printing machine, card reading machine, printing material, training and consultation in order for you to start your own reward program.

Start your own loyalty and royalty program, check with Getfeet before you do it.

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Pebble manual double sided printer

for info about dualys3 printer

Dualys automatic double sided printer



Door Access and Time Recorder System

We have pre-configured solution packages for your convenient to purchase. Equipments can also be selected individually to meet the customized requirement of bigger projects mainly in Malaysia.

RAC-800/900 Full Function Access Controller

Dual function for Access Control and Basic Time & Attendance

Standalone/network operation, expandable to 255 sets

Memory capacity 4,096 cardholders / 2,048 events

Swipe card, pin code or card + pin code access mode (Door IN), slave reader or exit button (Door OUT)

Duress card, duress code, secret duress alarm

Security function to activate or deactivate all or selected sensors (RAC-900)

Independent 3 sensor inputs for RAC-800; 8 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs for RAC-900

Able to connect external slave reader

Able to connect dial-up modem for real time alarm notification to headquarters or to control center

8 time schedules for RAC-800/900 & 60 holiday schedule for RAC-900

Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts for RAC-900

Audio tone: standard, independently controllable for RAC-900

Anti pass back for RAC-900

90% memory full warning

RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless power outages

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News—Manufacturer recommendation Electromagnetic Lock EM Lock

Local made EM Lock direct from factory busted our installation case. Our expertise in magnetic products build us a very strong EM Lock up to 600lbs. Anti rust metal for outer casing make the EM Lock suitable for open air environment. Build in green and red LED indicator make the lock status able to be seen from inside or outside the door.





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