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Metrologic Optimus S Data Collector Check your stock of items for Asset Management, Stock Control and many other uses recording the Date, Time when the Barcode on a label is scanned.  This versatile data collector complete with easy to use software enables the operator to move from room to room, building to building and site to site scanning barcodes and then upload the data in CSV format into popular programmes such as Microsoft Notepad, Word, Excel and Access.


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·         AS8000

Ø       AS8110

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Ø       Firescan

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Ø       D130 Heron G

Ø       Dragon

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·         Barcode Terminal

Ø       PT 10 PT 12 PT 18

Ø       Optimus

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Ø       Labelview

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·         Card Printer

Ø       Pebble

Ø       Dualys

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·         Card Reader

Ø       IS320

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Ø       AMC722

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SP5500 Optimus®S Series

Metrologic’s Optimus®S and Optimus®SBT mobile computers offer pocket-sized, data-collection solutions for inventory, order-picking or shipping/receiving. While both are engineered for rapid batch data collection, the Optimus®SBT features Bluetooth® connectivity for real-time data transfer.

Like all Metrologic mobile computers, Optimus®S and Optimus®SBT feature easy navigation, configuration utilities for quick real-time database communication and software development tools that make customizing data-collection applications a snap.  Their 2MB of memory accommodates large data and rechargeable batteries provide up to 100 hours of scanning operation.



LCD display with backlight and
adjustable font

Easy to view screen to accommodate different users and environments

Small form factor

Same feature set as bulkier units in a lighter, easier to handle package

Several Programming Options
(Optimizer, BASIC, C)

Accommodates different levels of programming skills from beginner to advanced

Class 1 Bluetooth Technology

• Industry standard technology allows real-time transfer of data approximately 100 meters to a   variety of devices
• Lower power consumption than other wireless technologies allows for more uptime
• Cost-effective alternative to WiFi


Quick Specs (for full specifications, please refer to the download tab. Full specifications can be found in the data sheet or user's guide)

Depth of Scan Field:

20 mm - 222 mm (.75” - 8.75”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar codes

Width of Scan Field:

290 mm (11.4”) @ 222 mm (8.75”)

Scan Speed:

100 scan lines per second

Minimum Bar Width:

0.127 mm (5 mil)


1.2 m (4’) drop onto concrete

Visible Laser Diode:

650 nm




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