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OS214TT barcode printerThe OS-214TT is an outstanding thermal transfer and direct thermal printer. With advanced standard features ...

The Argox Outstanding Series OS-214 desktop barcode printer is a high quality thermal transfer barcode printer.

With advanced standard features and flexible options, the OS-214 thermal transfer barcode printer is engineered to meet moderate volume printing applications.

With innovative TrueSpeed technology, the Argox Outstanding OS-214 thermal transfer barcode printer has rapid first-label printout and achieves a constant print speed of up to 3 inches per second.

The small footprint requires minimum counter space, and its light weight allows the printer to be easily moved to any convenient location.



The X2000+ Built for operating in harsh factory environments, the rugged Argox industrial bar code printers offer reliablity and superior performance in medium to severe conditions

The Argox Xellent X-2000+ printer is a versatile printer with a unique "stand-alone" operation feature. It comes with 1 MB of flash memory and a standard PS2 interface to connect a PC keyboard or scanners for independent data input - no extra cost for KDU or printer controller is required.

This printer is easy to use and maintain. Its built-in flash ROM enables users to quickly download firmware and easily switch programming languages. A full-function front panel with a multilingual LCD display simplifies installation, configuration, and operation - no PC is required, making this a true "stand-alone" operation printer.



The R-200 Argox Barcode Label Printer is an outstanding thermal and thermal transfer Desktop label printer which delivers industrial printer capacity and durability in a cost-effective package. With advanced standard features and flexible options, the R 200 is engineered to meet moderate to high volume label printing applications. As large ribbon lengths are required for industrial volume label printing the R-200 satisfies this by loading a standard 360 meters length ribbon. The R-200 accepts ribbons with inside coating, the 16-bit RISC CPU and 512KB of memory allow print speeds of up to 4 ips. The R-200 model printer offers industrial performance for the cost of an entry level desktop label printer.


The R- 400 leads industrial level printers in affordability and ease of handling. Easy- to- use design allows convenient loading of 360M ribbon and 6" OD media roll in under a minute. Throughput up to 6ips is enhanced by a fast 32- bit RISC micro-processor, as well as 1MB flash memory for larger data storage. A movable reflective sensor makes it easy to detect variable media from 10mm ~ 110mm in width. Leading edge design brings more performance and functionality to make the Argox R- 400 Barcode Label Printer is the ideal choice as an industrial printer for easy operation at the lowest cost.


Barcode Scanner


AS8110 - The Argoscan scanner offers excellent scanning performance at an attractive, entry-level price. The AS-8110 reads from contact to 50mm from the barcode and provides accurate decoding in seconds. This scanner features ultra-low power consumption and an all-in-one universal host interface. A Windows utility is included.

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AS8150 - The durable and ergonomically designed AS8150 is the best-value handheld scanners in its class. This mid-range CCD scanners replaces traditional laser bar code scanners with a high-speed scanners, but at a lower cost. The AS-8150 has a high intensity aiming line and captures bar codes from as far away as 200 mm. High speed bar code captures at 200 scans per second use our patented ¡§Digi-Decode¡¨ technology. This scanners is easy to aim and scans codes in any lighting environment. The AS-8150 features both handheld and fixed projection modes, as well as long-range activation and an adjustable stand (optional) for automated operation. Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility is included.

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AS8312 - Argox 99-83101-002K Model AS-8312K Ultra Long Range Imagers 2D Barcode Scanner, Scan speed 450 scans/sec; Light source 630 nm visible red LED; Optical system 2048 pixel CCD (charge-coupled device); Depth of scan field Up to 600mm; Scanning width 160 mm; Resolution 0.1mm(4mils) - Code 39, PCS=90%, on contact; Print contrast 30% or more; Scanning angle Front: 60° Rear: 60° Yaw: 75°



Gryphon Datalogic has moved a step ahead in the concept of .instinctive reading. .The new Gryphon. reader series has been developed to provide optimised reading performance through excellent ergonomic design, a natural instinctive reading approach and innovative good reading feedback.

The .INSTINCTIVE READING DISTANCE,. a concept introduced by Datalogic a few years ago based on in-depth ergonomic studies, represents the natural position of

the user while reading a code. The Gryphon. series takes this concept one step further. The series includes two tethered (D100, D130 and D200, D230) and two cordless (M100, M130 and M200, M230) models, allowing operations anywhere mobility is required at the desk/POS and around the shop floor, as well as in a small warehouse. The new green spot,. (Datalogic patent application) produced by the Gryphon. Provides good reading. feedback directly on the code, where the user usually tends to be looking. Correct pointing becomes quick and easy thanks to the sharp and bright illumination line. All these characteristics are coupled with outstanding performance in terms of reading quickness and decoding capability thanks to state-of-heart optics and a decode rate of 270 scans/sec, making the Gryphon. very user friendly, intuitive and fast.

Especially optimised optics allow reading of the most popular standard codes with superior depths of field from near contact to over 30 cm. High resolution codes,

which can reach 3 mils are also easily read. Two specific models of the Gryphon. series (D200 and M200) have also been designed to provide decoding of the most

popular stacked codes such as PDF417, CODABLOCK and CODE 16K, as well as traditional bar codes. The Gryphon. reader series is paving the road for innovative bar code reading. The No. 1 performance scanner in Malaysia today.



FireScan™ - The handheld laser scanner is lightweight and ergonomic and features an enhanced multi-standard architecture. Several models to combine sets of interfaces: USB, RS232, Wedge, Wand, IBM, and TTL. Linear and RSS bar code decoding.


Heron – The handheld scanner, lightweight and ergonomic, and features the Datalogic "Green-Spot"; several models to combine sets of interfaces: USB, RS232, Wedge, Wand, IBM, and TTL. Linear and RSS bar code decoding. Stand for hands-free operation included.

Dragon series - The Datalogic scanners offer high performance paired with rugged construction - all at an affordable price!

The Dragon series scanners offer high performance paired with rugged construction - all at an affordable price! When the job calls for a rugged, user friendly scanner, turn to the Dragon.


Eclipse™ is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. Its compact form factor and high end feature set simplify its use in a variety of applications at the press of a button.



Voyager Metrologic’s MS9540 offers high performance scanning, a futuristic design and a more intuitive scanning system than other conventional, triggered scanners. The MS9540 VoyagerCG is designed to replace triggered scanners. In doing so, Metrologic’s engineering department incorporated a feature called CodeGate that makes the MS9540 more intuitive to use than a triggered scanner.

Using Metrologic’s patented auto-trigger, the laser is automatically activated when a bar code is presented, allowing the user to easily select the bar code. Then with a press of the CodeGate button, the data is transmitted to the host system. This unique concept makes VoyagerCG perfect for menu-scanning. When the MS9540 is placed in its stand, CodeGate can be automatically deactivated allowing VoyagerCG to be used as a fully automatic presentation scanner.

VoyagerCG includes the ability to decode the emerging Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). Industries including supermarkets, pharmaceutical, and healthcare are beginning to utilize this new symbology.



Quantum – The Metrologic's is a combination omnidirectional and single-line laser barcode scanner. The omnidirectional scan pattern offers outstanding scan performance on all standard 1D barcode symbologies, including RSS. The button-activated single line mode aids in scanning items that contain multiple barcodes or when selecting barcodes from menu-style price sheets.

The IS3480 is equipped with powerful and cost-saving features such as easy programming, user replaceable cables and upgradeable software that keeps your investment updated with the latest scanning technology.



Barcode Software

LABELVIEW™ barcode label software. Design barcode labels and integrate your bar code label printing system into existing systems with unmatched power and flexibility.

Whether you need to use LABELVIEW barcode label software to print RFID labels, print bar code labels or print compliance labels, LABELVIEW 8's new features and an intuitive interface provide the most powerful solution. LABELVIEW supports over 30 barcode symbologies, TrueType fonts, and over 1000 thermal and laser printers, providing the flexibility to handle all of your RFID and barcode label software needs - today and in the future.


BarTender is the leading true Windows barcode label software program. This professional label design and bar code software tool has powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software. It even supports RFID tags. Yet BarTender is so easy, it gets beginners designing in minutes.


Card Printer


Pebble 4 now landed in Malaysia. It has been evolve from pebble 1 to new pebble to peb3le and current pebble4. With its design, its new colors, its advanced technology, the Pebble 4 is the most ingenious card printer of its generation. Devised and designed to simplify printing on plastic cards, the New Pebble not only lets you print photos, texts, logos, bar codes, signatures at high speed, but also encode magnetic stripe cards, smart cards and contact-less cards.
The Pebble 4 comes complete with its Windows or Mac OS X drivers and the eMedia software and is as easy to use as an office printer. No particular technical or computer knowledge is required for installation: connect the cables, simply click to install the eMedia software and its driver, and without any other adjustments, you are now ready to print your cards in 16 million colors.

Dualys4 Thanks to its color sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer technologies, the Dualys prints your high resolution texts, photos, images, logos and barcodes. With a 110 cards/hour print speed in full color, 2 sides, the Dualys has one of the most excellent throughputs on the market. It is equipped with a 100 card detachable feeder. This feeder is dust free as it is completely enclosed and thus guarantees an optimal card printing quality. The Dualys is also a versatile printer with optional magnetic encoding, smart card encoding and contactless card personalization. Delivered as standard with a software for card personalization and drivers for Windows™ NT4.0, 2000 and XP, the Dualys is extremely easy-to-use and does not require any particular computer knowledge. Printer and print head benefit from a two year warranty, unlimited in number of prints.


Tattoo card printer is the most compact card printer of the Market! With a footprint of an A4 page, it owes its extreme compactness to the completely new Lift Card System, which allows the card to pass on two horizontal levels within the machine. An Evolis innovation! Thanks to its innovative clamshell opening system, operating a plastic card printer has never been so simple--Installation of the ribbon in one shot thanks to the exclusive integrated core system, Quick and easy maintenance of the cleaning rollers, And if needed, the print head can be replaced in a snap with no tools nor additional adjustments The Evolis Tattoo ID card printer integrates a ribbon saver feature: you only use the ribbon length you need for the image to be printed; hence reducing your cost/card! Tattoo rewrite come with the latest rewrite on the blank card. Busting the card technology to next level of advancement.



Card Reader


IntelliStripe 320 motorized card reader allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and/or Smart Card data on cards that meet the ISO 7810, 7811, 7816 specifications. Its motorized card transport is fast and smooth, with low mechanical jitter, and provides for accurate and consistent card reading.

The IntelliStripe 320 is rugged and corrosion resistant, utilizing a zinc die-cast chassis, high-impact plastic bezel, and stainless steel components.

It can withstand a wide range of operational and environmental conditions, and is an ideal card reader for ATMs, vending machines, or self-service kiosks.

Its motorized operation allows the card to be securely held within the reader during the entire transaction process, and eliminates the possibility of unwanted human intervention during card read operations.


The IntelliStripe 65 manual-insert card reader allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and/or Smart Card data on cards that meet the ISO 7810, 7811, 7816 specifications. Its ergonomically designed chassis allows for easy user interface, and ensures accurate and consistent card reading under all conditions.

It can withstand a wide range of operational and environmental conditions, and is an ideal card reader solution for environments such as ATM, Vending Machine, or Self-Service kiosks.

Its optional card-latch feature allows the card to be securely held within the reader during the entire transaction process, and reduces the possibility of unwanted human intervention during card read operations. Power-fail card-latch release and manual over-ride features are available to ensure that a customer’s card can be easily retrieved under any condition.


AMC C722 Dual Coercivity Magstripe Reader/Writer

The Model C722 handles multiple media—event tickets, cards, badges, driver licenses – from .25 mm (.010") to 1.15 mm (.045") thick. Plus, its rugged metal housing provides durability for high-wear application.

The Model C722 reads/writes up to three tracks of ISO or custom data formats; writes at densities of 75 to 210 BPI; and reads the magnetic stripe after writing to verify data. AMC C722 Dual Coercivity Magstripe Reader/Writer


Door Access System


RAC900 Door Access system come with different type of reading capability, you may select barcode, magnetic, EM, mifare reader as reading media. At the same time, different type of connection interface include RS232, RS485 and RS422 allow long distant communication. RAC-900 Access Control Terminal
Stand alone or on-line with PC , It is capable to connect up to 255 sets through RS-485.
4096 records and badges storage capacity.
8 time zones and 60 sets of specific time to monitor access.
Additional visitor and patrol guard card could be produced.
Duress code/card function to enhance personnel safety.
Capability to connect to external modem and auto dial machine for reporting to head office in case of any emergency.
Provides master card for programming and middle level master card to enable / disable security function.


RAC800 Stand alone or on-line with PC , It is capable to connect up to 255 sets through RS-485.

External modem or TCP / IP converter for communication between headquarters and branch offices.

4096 records and badges storage capacity.

8 time zones to monitor the access for different personnel.

Duress code/card function to enhance personnel safety. It will activate duress alarm in case of emergency.

LCD displays English name.(2048 badges mode).



Time Attendance System


RTA700 Dual function for Time Attendance and Basic Access Control.

Dynamic control of memory up to 2,047 cardholders /5,000
transaction data.

Heavy duty metal housing

Large LED for time display

Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS422/RS485,
dial-up modem and TCP/IP (External Converter required).

Auto real time calibration when system halts.

LCD display of date, time, card number, shift schedule,
English name.

Programmable shift schedule.

20 alarms inputs enabled for shift change and disabled for

External parallel printer port for real time data output and

Data collection software with DBF or TXT file export formats.

Limitation of unsuccessful swiped card attempts.

Memory full warning.

Invalid card and re-swiped card off-the-record to save memory


RTA-600 can perfectly comply with your management software; just swipe the card and sequence of data will clearly input into computer file in accounting and personnel department, no need to calculate and check them on your own. Efficiency of management is highly improved. Besides, with larger LCD, the time / situation, internal parameters, function display can be shown clearly, if you need to implement computerized management, data collection software with command libraries are ready for you to use. Without RTA-600, your computerized management is just only half finished.



HTA820 Simple, reliable & easily installed, first time set up in 3 minutes
Suitable for chains and enterprises
Cope with seasonal time change - daylight saving control
Follows your usual practice – auto or manual clock in / clock out (HTA-820)
Dynamic control of memory up to 8000 cardholders (max, HTA-820),
8200 transaction data (HTA-810/820)
Visual LED for display of time, card number, communication mode, swiped card indication
16 shift schedule for HTA-820
32 sets bell output





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